Our project is a digital exhibition "Don’t give to rewrite history" is an online version of the The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia exhibition "On the Road to Victory". This platform for posting the materials, showing the period of occupation of the Ukrainian SSR Nazi invaders, has founded on the donations of the ordinary users. We going to create not only a website with digitized images of the exhibits, but also a mobile application and the edition of their English versions. Welcome everybody who wish to help to the project: You can support the project not only financially by donating money, but also if you have some documents, photographs, etc. – materials related to this period of our history.
video about creating a project

We want to collect digital copies of real instruments and unique exhibits relating to the period of Ukraine's liberation by Soviet Army during World War II.

We want to keep and show people irrefutable evidences of heroism of Soviet soldiers more than 40 nationalities, who gave their lives for the liberation of Ukraine from German occupants.

We want to show the documents and evidences of the atrocities of so-called patriots of Ukraine of the UPA and the OUN and the facts of their collaboration with the Nazis.
Nowadays the politicians of many Western countries have forgotten or pretend to have forgotten, who gained a victory over Nazism and who made the main contribution to the Second World War. As a result, entire generations grow up with the distorted interpretations of various events.