Dedicated to the liberation of the Ukrainian SSR
from Nazi invaders
Early in the morning of June 22 1941 after artillery and air preparation, German troops crossed the border of the Soviet Union without a declaration of war. Despite the desperate resistance, Nazi troops quickly broke into the country, and for the first three weeks of the war the Red Army troops left Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus.

By the end of 1941, German troops occupied a considerable part of Ukraine. During the years of occupation in the territory of the Ukrainian SSR was destroyed 3.9 million. Civilians in concentration camps built on its territory, killing more than a million prisoners of war. And it is not only the result of the activities of the German invaders, but their supporters from the local population, the so-called nationalists of UPA Stepan Bandera.

Exhibits illustrate the situation at that time: strong resistance of the local population and the guerrillas to invaders and their followers, the cruelty of the invaders against the civilian population, selfless struggle for the liberation of the Soviet people.